Greyhound Manager 2 download

Greyhound Manager 2 comes with a free demo so you can try before you buy!

Greyhound Manager 2 is only available as a download from this website and is not available in store. Download the full game below which also includes a free trial/demo. The full version costs £12.99 UK or equivalent and can be purchased online via PAYPAL’s secure servers at any time.

Greyhound Manager 2 – FULL version and FREE DEMO Combined

The latest installment of the highly acclaimed ‘Greyhound Manager’ greyhound racing series:

Click Here to DOWNLOAD Greyhound Manager 2 FULL with free DEMO, 33mb.

If You do not have (or don’t want to use WINZIP) here is a link to the EXE installer:

Click Here to DOWNLOAD Greyhound Manager 2 FULL with free DEMO, 33mb. EXE file.

Mirrors (use this if you have problems downloading from the above links):
None available.

Unlocking the full version: Please feel free to try out the free demo. Should you wish to purchase the full version click on the BUY NOW button in the DEMO or just run the full version from the GM2 shortcut on your desktop or click BUY NOW from the front page of this website. After your payment has been processed you will be emailed a key. Keys are usualy delivered within 15 mins but please wait 12 hours before reporting an un-delivered key. Enter this key when requested by the game and the game will unlock.

Note: If you have any problems with the payment process please drop by the technical support forums first. If you still need help email us.

System Requirements: Greyhound Mansger 2 should run on a fairly low-spec computer (including Netbooks). A 1ghz processor should be fine but much depends upon your video card. Try the DEMO before buying and make sure the race sequence runs correctly. If you do have any problems running the game correctly then update your video card drivers. Old, buggy video card drivers are the number one cause of game issues.

Privacy Policy: You are required to enter a valid email address while purchasing the game. We have a stringent Anti-Spam policy and promise NOT to sell or pass on your email address to ANY third party. Your email address will ONLY be used for a receipt of your game purchase or to notify you of any important product updates for the game.

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