Greyhound Manager 2- New features

The following is a list of new features added since Greyhound Manager 1:

  • New rendering engine. Better compatibility, features and performance.
  • Netbook modes supported (1024×600 and 1024×576). Game auto-detects netbooks on launch.
  • Improved race sequence visuals.
  • - Improved track graphics.
  • - More Stadiums.
  • - Particles.
  • - Improved scrolling.
  • - Lighting.
  • - Shadows.
  • - Evening effects.
  • - Rain effects.
  • Evening racing.
  • Improved menu gui look.
  • Option to set different background theme images and configure table transparency.
  • Quick save option added (press S on trainer menu).
  • Additional dog colours.
  • Skip to end race <SPACE> and Quit race <ESC> added.
  • Dog model race mods/improvements.
  • Corner behavior. Less cutting in. Cutting in on other dogs is now dependent or behavioral parameters.
  • Improved/more accurate photo finishes.
  • Two meetings per day possible
  • Training screen and options introduced:
  • You may trial your greyhounds (if you have purchased the training track). Trialing serves two purposes:
  • 1. Comparison of your dogs.
  • 2. To boost the dogs fitness right before a race. Unless playing in Simple training mode the player must trial his dog before a race to get full fitness.
  • You may purchase (via the FINANCE menu) the training track, training traps, training hurdles etc.
  • Delete save files options added.
  • Parade Ring (before race) describes any unusual dog attributes and condition (must have at least MEDIUM staff level set).
  • Photo finish improvements.
  • New and improved trapping model.
  • Tri-cast bet added (also all-ways multiple x6 bets)
  • Improved railing model and related age improvement mods.
  • Lure chasing behavior added. Occasionally puppies will not chase well. Solution is experience or a specialist visit.
  • New injury model with symptoms, injury descriptions and varying dog/race effects. Viral infections.
  • Injuries are no longer automatically reported. Symptoms are reported and the player can then decide to race or rest the dog or to¬† pay the vet for a diagnosis. A diagnosis will reveal and injury or condition and the estimated recovery period.
  • Symptomatic dogs have a pink [S] icon (on the main HOME menu). Symptoms are displayed at the bottom of the dog data screen.
  • A vet diagnosis visit can be purchased via the FINANCE screen. Diagnosed dogs then show the red [I] icon along with a recover estimate (in weeks).
  • Risk of some injuries/infections can be reduced by increasing feed quality.
  • Racing dogs with symptoms or injuries has varying results.
  • Quarantine add-on for kennel helps avoid viral infections spreading.


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