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If you have purchased Starters Orders 4, Greyhound Manager 1, 2 or Starters Orders 3 then confirmation of your purchase will shortly be emailed to you. You will also receive an email containing a serial number/key to unlock the game. You should receive this email within an hour but please allow 24 hours before contacting us. Please print out or make a copy of your serial number/key when it arrives and keep it in a safe place as we cannot guarantee to store your key in the event you lose it.

If you do not receive your key within 24 hours please check you spam folder. Some ISP’s have been known to filter emails without the users knowledge (hotmail for one) so if you cannot locate your key email then email us and we will re-send it again.

(Note: for eCheques and items that need clearing your Key/CD will be dispatched after the item has cleared).

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