Greyhound Manager 2- Patches:

The latest GM2 version is 1.09. To update please download the full game again.

Greyhound Manager 2 Support Information

Not got your key?
Following purchase you key will be emailed to you. It usually takes around 20 minuets but please leave 24 hours for the key to arrive before contacting us. If you have chosen to pay via the eCheque option payment may take several days to reach us and your key will not be dispatched until the payment has cleared.

The game crashes or does not start!
The vast majority of problems are caused by buggy video card drivers. Manually update your drivers by visiting the video card manufacturers website and downloading the latest drivers for your card.

When I try to buy the game the price appears in UK sterling. How do I pay in my local currency and will I be charged for the conversion?
PayPal will automatically convert the amount to your local currency and will not charge you any extra fees for the conversion.

Norton AV reports a conflict while installing.
This is a bug/issue within Norton/Sonar. We have reported this issue to the developers and it should now be fixed. Please update your definitions. If this continues please let us know via CONTACT on this page.

I have to enter my KEY every time I play!
Right click on GM2 shortcut and select RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR. This should fix the problem.

Minimum Spec:

Greyhound Manager 2 is designed to work on a wide range of hardware. The game requires at least Directx8 and can run on netbooks in addition to regular PC’s. It is recommended you try the free demo to make sure the game runs on your hardware before purchasing.

Further game help and support

For any further help or support please visit the Greyhound Manager technical support forums here.

Forums – click here to go to the Greyhound Manager Forums.

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